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Creating A Promo Code

The netPark interface allows users to create promo codes that can be used on the website and within the netPark reservation system.
Promo Codes must be tied to a coupon, discount, or rate.
Promo Codes can also be tied to a company.
Promo Codes can only be used on exit for self park devices.

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Creating a Discount

The netPark interface allows users to create discounts that can be applied to tickets
Discounts are percentage based.
Discounts can be used in the open and close screens, be used in a customer account, and be tied to a promo code to be used on a website.
Discounts can also be used to go to a different rate.

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Creating A Coupon

The netPark interface allows users to create coupons that can be applied to tickets.
Coupons do not work on the website unless they are tied to a promo code and are only available in the open and close screens.
Coupons redeem days or an amount. CANNOT BE BOTH!

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Adding Devices

Adding Devices into netPark Users that have either the desktop or mobile application will need to register the device within the netPark system. Ways to download the netPark application Call or email netPark support for the download link for the application. For mobile users, the netPark application is available from the Apple app store. Once the netPark application is downloaded, the user will receive an activation code that will be needed to be activated in the netPark system. Registering the activation code (UUID) The user can reach out to their supervisor and have the supervisor enter in the activation code. Call into netPark support and have one of the support staff enter in the activation code into the netPark system. Steps for adding a new device In netPark, go to the Maintenance menu. From here click the Access & Integrations option. In the upper

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Creating A Company Account

Companies create a more organized way to group together certain customers whom are not apart of a company in netPark.
These companies are able to be billed accordingly or customers in the company can be billed.

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Overview of Rate Maintenance

Creating a Rate

Rates in the netPark system are the primary way of specifying the charges for a parking stay. Rates can be configured for minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly periods, can cut-over to other rate codes and perform a myriad of other functions.

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Customer Profile Overview

Creating a Customer Account

Customer accounts in the netPark system are the primary way of managing loyalty programs. Customer accounts can be used to track parking history, provide rewards for frequent parking, setup recurring billing or allow for quicker entry and exit through your lot. This article provides a simple walk-through on how to setup a new customer account.

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