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Creating FPP Coupons

This article explains the steps to create Frequent Parker Program Coupons To learn more about other Coupons click here How to add FPP coupons to netPark: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Coupons 3. Click new Coupon 4. name and label the Coupon appropriately and put in how many FPP it takes to redeem it Code – The code used for the coupon within netPark; In this example it is called “FPP 1 Day” Description – Description for the coupon Redemption Amount – A flat amount taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is left at “$0” Free Days – Total number of free days taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is “1” Minimum Days – Using this field, locations can limit if FPP Points can be redeemed using this coupon unless they have stayed for a certainnumber of days FPP to Redeem – This is the total number of FPP

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Redeeming Customer FPP

This article explains how to redeem and how to manage expiring customer FPP Customers can accrue points when making reservations with the account associated with their profile in the netPark system. They can also earn points when they get services offered from your location. Redeeming FPP Points on Client Website If you have the netPark Reservation Modules on your website, customers can actually use their FPP Points while making a reservation. Once this has been set, anytime a customer books a reservation on the website and they have enough points to redeem a free day, adrop-down box will appear where they can select the total number of days they would like to redeem. How to redeem the FPP Coupons:  1. Pull up the ticket 2. Click the CO(U)PONS button 3. You can search for coupons or type in the code or amount manually 4. Selecting the coupon

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Frequent Parker Program

The FPP System is extremely flexible and allows customers to earn points for an amount or days off of a future reservation. This article will show you how to setup your Frequent Parker Program. This includes, configuring and setting expiration. Before the FPP system can be utilized, it must be configured. There are several options for earning and redeeming points. These articles with briefly walk you through each aspect: Configuring FPP for Rates – Learn how to add points to rates to be earned for parking stays Configuring FPP for Services – Learn how to add points to services to be earned for parking stays Creating FPP Coupons – Learn how to create coupons that can be used to redeem points for parking days. Redeeming Points – Learn how customers redeem points Redeeming FPP from clients – Learn how to get setup so customers can redeem points through a 3rd

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UVG Validations

The Unique Voucher Generator or UVG, allows users to create special vouchers within netPark Creating A New Voucher Group 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Unique Voucher Generator 2. Click the “New Voucher Group” Button in the top right of the screen These vouchers are one time use and can be used to: Apply a Coupon Apply a Discount Validate parking Create a Groupon Vouchers are redeemed via the Close Ticket Screen Note: when printing, make sure that there isn’t any sort of setting that is attempting to scale or “fit” the PDF. This can cause alignment issues when printing to the cards UVG Breakdown Voucher Codes – These codes are 12 digits. Some may need leading 0’s added. Search Field – users can search for specific vouchers by voucher details Display Selector – users can select how many vouchers they want displayed per page in the results Voucher Search Details – users

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Understanding Services

Services can be any sort of extra service a location may offer. These can include oil changes, car washes or gas, just to name a few How to add a new Service 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Click New Service Services are separated into 5 different classes. Classes are used to group services together and allow for quick the quick look up ofservices based on the class which they fall under.  The classes are: Wash, Oil, Gas, Detail, and Misc Services Search  Search Field – This field allows users to search for services based on their name # of Results Picker – User can select the number of results to display per page Search Tabs – User can filter the results by: All, Detail, Gas, Oil, Wash Misc Include Disabled – Checking this box allows disabled services to be returned in search results Services List – This link takes

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Inventory Screen

What is the Inventory Screen? The Inventory Screen is used to keep track of the the locations tickets and will show opened & closed tickets. As seen below, the inventory screen gives users different information on tickets with different parameters and actions that can be performed. How to use the Inventory Screen The Inventory screen is simple and easy to navigate. Users will be able to search for tickets in the search bar of the inventory screen. This search can be narrowed down to different parameters, the green buttons listed as: Search Only By, Choose Filter & Limit to Parking Zone. These are simply means to make searching more precise and are not necessary for the screen to function. There are also four check-boxes, Email, Reservation, Notes & Car Requested. Within the search are three actions that users can do, Close, Edit & Locate. Each

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Setting Up Custom Fees and Charges

This article explains the options list and how to create them. How to add Options: 1. Click on Maintenance. 2. Click on Options. 3. Click an existing option or click New Option on the top right. 4. Here you can select specific information like amounts, fees, and if it is mandatory. 5. You can even add it to a particular Parking Zone. You can also export the full list by clicking Options List or export to a csv file by clicking Export Results.

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Reporting in NetPark

The Reports and Accounting Screens are used to display all reports within netPark Both screens are identical: The separate naming structure is used strictly for permission purposes. By allowing users to access only specific screens, you can limit the reports they have access to. Click the name of a report below see the breakdown of each report and what they do. Report Screen Company List – List of companies based on defined parameters The Company List allows users to generate a list of companies from within netPark Multiple variables can be set to narrow down the information contained in the report Generated reports can be in the following formats: PDFCSV (Excel)Working with the Company List Screen Company List ScreenVia the Main Menu click on Reports and then click Company List Include – These radio buttons allow users to select the types of companies displayed:ActiveDisabledAllSort by

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Overview of Parking Zones

What are a Parking Zones – Parking Zones are a easy way for you to separate customers and areas of parking. Netpark has made the process simple to make sure you have consistency within your parking lot.  Creating a Parking Zone From the Dashboard, click  Maintenance and then Parking Zones.  In this screen, click the green button, +NEW PARKING ZONE A pop-up will appear. In this pop-up will be where information for the Parking Zone is inputed. There will be three tabs of information users will be able to fill out.  Using Parking Zones in netPark In this section we are going to go over the different uses for Parking Zones.  Using Parking Zones with Self-Park devices.  Parking Zones can be used to lock down Self-Park Devices. This means that only vehicles can only come in if they have a ticket, card or reservation associated to

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Audit Categories (setup)

What are Audit Categories – NetPark has the ability to track different actions that occur within the system. We have set up specific categories which correspond to a certain event. These events can trigger an email being sent out to (a) certain user(s).  – This is not to be confused with the Audit Log which is a specific report which shows all activity for the location  Setting up Audit Categories 1. To begin, from the dashboard, users will click on Maintenance, then click on Audit Categories. 2. Within this screen users will have a list off all the available audit categories offered by netPark.  3. To begin tracking a certain category, simply check the box next to Email Alert and then add the email in the Email Alert section. You may add as many emails as needed using a comma to separate each one. 

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