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Editing and Customizing Services

This article explains the new service and edit service window and their different menus Details Tab:  Adjustable – Designates if the service can be adjusted via the Close Ticket Screen Notes – Additional notes about the service Website Name – Displays the name of the service as it will display on the website Website Description – Displays the description of the service as it will display on the website Blackout Dates – Displays all of the blackout dates assigned to the service Website Tab: Available on Website – Checking this box will allow the service to be selected on the website during the reservation process Name- This field allows users to specify the name of the service as it appears on the website Description – Allows users to enter the description of the service that will be displayed on the website Order – Sets the order that the services display on the website Require Vehicle Info – Checking this box will

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Getting Started

Creating a Survey

Surveys are a great way for Locations to get feedback from customers.
Surveys can be created to ask a multitude of questions and can be personalized to the locations preferences.
These surveys can be sent out to the customers and displayed on your website.
Locations will need to contact Support or Sales

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Creating Email Surveys

This article will show you how to create a survey for your customers Associating Survey to Email Message From the Dashboard users will need to go to Maintenance and click on the Email Messages button. This will take users to the Email Messages Maintenance screen. Within this screen, users will need to find the email that they want to associate the survey to. Click on the Select Message and find an email that has (Customer, Active). After clicking on the desired email, users will need to fill in the survey tag that was created when they survey was created. This tag is found in the Surveys section. Users will need to put the tag in as follows: [survey tagname] After putting in the survey tag, users will need to click the blue SAVE CHANGES button.

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Biometric Fingerprint Reader

This article will show you how to enroll your employees aka users into the biometric system in netPark How to setup the reader itself: 1. Close the netPark application on your pc   2. Plug the usb device into the computer 3. Wait for confirmation that the device was installed by windows    4. Open the netPark desktop application 5. The device is now setup and you will need to setup users How to enroll a user aka employee in the reader: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Users 3. Select the user you want to edit 4. Click Enroll Fingerprint 5. Scan the same finger 4 times      Note: if you see green checks, scans were good, red x’s mean they were bad scans. 6. Once completed click Save

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Site Analytics and Tracking

This article shows you how to add the Analytics codes to your netPark site. How to add an Analytics code to your netPark site: 1. Navigate to your WordPress site in a browser      ex: https://www.yourcompanysiteurl/wp-login.php 2. Login with your WordPress Admin credentials      Note: If you don’t have these credentials contact your management or 3. Once logged in hover your mouse over “netPark Settings” on the left 4. Click on “Analytics” 5. Fill in your Analytics code, scroll to the bottom and click the “Save Changes” button   

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User Roles and Permissions

This article shows and explains the different permissions in each group You need to be able to be able to limit permissions of some users. Not every user should have access to everything in the system.  How to edit permissions: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Users 3. Select the User to add to a group or select Groups 4. Once in the User account you can select the drop down and choose the group you want to apply  Note: If you want you can choose entire groups ex: Manager, Administrator. Or you can choose individual permissions in each section. Different permission types: Security Permissions Here you will see a list of user groups. You select a premade group so it auto assigns them the permissions that come with that group. General Permissions This is where you can allow users to get permissions for Customers,

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Redeeming FPP Through Clients

This article explains how customers can redeem FPP points on client websites Setting Rate FPP Value – The ability to earn points based on time spent on the lot. Note: This is also considered a Rate-by-Rate basis.  To set this up: 1. Maintenance 2. Rates 3. Select Rate 4. fill in the Points per day redemption amount field 5. Click Save at the bottom right Redeeming FPP Points on Client Website If you have the netPark Reservation Modules on your website, customers can actually use their FPP Points while making a reservation. Once this has been set, anytime a customer books a reservation on the website and they have enough points to redeem a free day, adrop-down box will appear where they can select the total number of days they would like to redeem. If you are not sure if which modules you are on contact support at

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Adding FPP to Rates

This article will show you how to add FPP to you rates The primary way points accrue in the system are via Rates. Points are accrued based on the time spent on the lot. Rate codes, via their charges, can specify how many points should be given for the time spent on the lot. Per-Rate – Per hour/day/week/month – The ability to earn points based on time spent on the lot. Note: This is also considered a Rate-by-Rate basis.  To set this up: 1. Maintenance 2. Rates 3. Select the Rate 4. Under the charge section 5. Add amount in the FPP field  6. If you do not have this or want to add more, click Add new Charge 7. Click Save at the bottom right

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Adding FPP to Services

Service FPP Points  You can edit the FPP earned in the Service Maintenance screen. 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Select the service and add points To learn more about Services click here

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