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Promo Code Guide

What is A Promo Code Looking to provide customers with the ability to save on your website or provide savings for a reservation in netPark? Below is information on Promo Codes. Promo Codes, in netPark, are used to provide savings to customers who booked a reservation. These Promo Codes can be used in a number of ways within netPark as well as on a website.   How to Create a Promo Code In order to create a Promo Code, a Coupon, Discount, or Rate must be created first. (Link to each guide here) Note: It is recommended that a specific Coupon, Discount, or Rate be created for a promo code for better tracking purposes. Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Maintenance, then Promo Codes. Step 2: In Promo Codes users will click on + Add Promo Code. Step 3: This popup users will have

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netPark Pay
Getting Started

Welcome to netPark Pay

netPark’s own integrated payment system provides a ton of functionality and features over our previous offering. This article serves as a simple introduction to netPark Pay as well as a link to all of the various articles associated with it.

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Getting Started

How to adjust a ticket

There will be times where tickets are not properly closed when they were suppose to. To fix this, netPark has built in different options in the Close Ticket Screen that allow users to make adjustments.
There are many different reasons and ways to adjust tickets in the netPark interface.
Users may need to adjust the close date, open date, or due date. A ticket may not have been closed or a reservation may not have been added.

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Email Messages Maintenance
Customer Messages

Customizing Emails

netPark sends out many emails as part of the standard PARCS experience. This article details how to find and customize the emails that are sent out in the system.

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Creating A Rate

The netPark interface allows users to create and customize rates.
Rates can be tied to reservations, customer accounts, tickets, and for websites.
The rates in netPark can be customized to suit the needs of a location.
Dynamic Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:
Cutover Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:

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