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How To Maintain Stalls

Maintaining Stalls inside of netPark is an easy and hassle-free process that allows you to assign stalls to customers to keep them parking at the same spot over and over again. Our Stall feature is built to be integrated with our recurring system so that you can ensure a recurring customer always has a spot. Using our Stall feature will allow you to be able to see when a recurring parker is on the lot when they are off the lot, and when you have available spacing directly from our Stall Maintenance screen or on the Dashboard using our Stall Inventory Widget. Creating Stall(s) The first step in learning how to set up stalls is by making sure you are set up to do so. Make sure you have parking zones set up as well as recurring rate groups that are attached to said

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Receive Payments

Receiving Payments

Typically the recurring system will handle billing for accounts automatically. There are times when a payment is received outside of the billing cycle. For that you can manually collect a payment and apply to invoices as needed.

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Waiting List

Waiting Lists

Learn more about the Waiting List screen and how you can approve or deny newly registered accounts Recurring parking.

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